There she goes again – Samantha, Exclusive Member of Mediavine Travel

Recently, I was invited by the Odys Boutique Hotel for three nights for a little staycation right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). Here’s how it went!

Want to hear a fun turn of events? So back before lockdown happened in Vietnam, I ordered some face masks from a woman selling them in the HCMC Fexpat group. I was obsessed with the cute embroidery, so I ordered two right away. Of course, when I picked them up, I asked for her Instagram so I could tag her when I wore them.

Well, she obviously saw I was a travel blogger when I tagged her, so she then turned around and invited me to check out the hotel she and her husband owned in District 1 called the Odys Boutique Hotel. District 1 is pretty much the center of everything in Saigon for a visitor, so it’s exactly where you want to be if you’re coming from out of town.

I was more than happy to come stay for a few nights to review the place and see if it really would be a good spot for both outside visitors and for anyone who’s in HCMC and needs their own staycation.

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