An unprecedented year deserves an unprecedented shopping experience. Have you ever thought of a shopping staycation to contemplate over an authentic Saigon as local migrants are coming home for Tet? If so, where could be the ideal destination? 

Talking about shopping is talking about District 1 – where all the popular shopping malls gather. From the most high-end brands to outlet goods and limited local boutique brands, just one stroll across District 1’s biggest shopping malls - Sai Gon Centre – Takashimaya, Saigon Garden on Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Vincom Dong Khoi, Diamond Plaza and Saigon Square – is enough to update your Tet wardrobe with all the latest fashion trends of the year.

Eats & treats
A shopping spree can quickly empty both your wallet and stomach. Since the foundation days, District 1 has always been Saigon’s international heart. If the current restrictions bother your inner wanderlust, try a trip around the world’s cuisine around Saigon, from authentic Chinese restaurants, Japanese ramen restaurants along Le Thanh Ton street, to Korean BBQ restaurants Q, Italian Pizza and Pasta restaurant and all the affordable Vietnamese street food at the underground Asiana Food Town. The world is right at your front door. 

District 1 is not only a shopping and eating destination. Do you know that Ben Nghe area – the Ben Thanh market – is the heart of Saigon since the Indochina era? The international trading port over the last 300 years, District 1 inherits many remnants of multiple cultures such as Vietnamese, Chinese, Khmer, Champa, Indian, and of course, French culture through all the colonial architectures scattering across the city. This South-East Asia cultural and historical journey can be wrapped up within a convenient half-day walking tour starting from the centre of the district.

Right at the heart of District 1 is a “resort oasis” where you can loosen down and step right into a state of tranquillity? A living-art retrogressing experience back to a Vietnamese affluent life during Saigon’s golden Indochina past? The Odys Boutique Hotel is the perfect destination for a year-end shopping staycation. 

Located at the heart of District 1, only 5-minute walk from the shopping malls and Bitexco Financial Tower, you can pass by the hotel to rest or leave your shopping bags amid the exhilarating Tet shopping spree. 
Another 10-minute walk to the underground Asiana Food Town and Bui Vien Walking street, you can explore the world to your stomach’s content. 

Not a fan of long walks? The 5-star Chef along with an exclusive fusion menu at BUP Restaurant & Sky Lounge can also meet all your dining needs.

No vacation is complete without some nice and relaxing spa services. The popular full body massage packages at NỤ Spa of The Odys Boutique Hotel are just what you need to alleviate those worries. 

Tet is a time to reconnect with Saigon. And the peaceful city during Tet is perfect for you and family to plan a staycation during this season.

The Odys Boutique Hotel 
🗝 65-67-69 Nguyen Thai Binh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
📞 028 3821 6915

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