The Odys Boutique Hotel is delighted to announce the reopening of BUP Restaurant on 28 July 2020. The restaurant is designed and crafted based on the wooden villas of the affluent Vietnamese in the past. Located on the top floor of the stylish Odys Boutique Hotel, dining at the BUP restaurant would give an elegant experience and a beautiful view overlooking the dynamic cultural hub of District 1 in Saigon.  

Accompanying BÚP restaurant in this new chapter of operation are two new members: F&B Manager Nhat Le and Chef Duy Trinh.

F&B Manager Nhat Le has 10 years of experience in multiple international restaurants; among them were 3 years in Restaurant Management position. His ability to oversee services and the food-producing procedure has been trained via many famous corporations from Italy, Singapore and America. Under Mr Le’s meticulous supervision, the staff at BUP restaurant will elevate diner’s experience with the brand new menu coming from Chef Duy.

Chef Duy Trinh has trained for more than 9 years in renowned international hotels in Saigon These international-standard experiences have brought about his ability to prepare various high-quality Asian European dishes using ingredients from many leading cuisines cultures. Adding with a burning passion in culinary and a pair of crafty hands, Mr Trinh has breathed a new life into BUP restaurant’s menu with highlights such as:

• Top-notch seafood dishes from green mussels, salmons, squids, Tiger prawn and crab from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan;

• State-of-the-art Western classics such as spaghetti, pan shear salmon and Australian rib-eye steak;

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